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I consider frugality an art form and a religious conviction. I learned about paying cash for purchases, recycling and reusing just about everything and being generous to friends and those in need from my parents.

My faith instructs me all things are gifted by God and so I am compelled to be a good steward of my gifts. [The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to man. Psalm 115:16]


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Light Trade-In at Home Depot


Home Depot will take your old Christmas light, working or non-working and will give you a $3 off coupon toward new energy-efficient LED string lights. The Home Depot Christmas Light Trade-In offer is valid through November 15, 2010. and customers are limited to five trade-ins.

Your old lights can even be broken, tangled, or not working. Who doesn’t have those? The price that I saw for a 50- light strand was $5.97 for 50 lights, so the net cost would be $2.97 and the energy cost is 80% less to use these new energy efficient lights.

Thanks for this great tip from More With Less Today!

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