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I consider frugality an art form and a religious conviction. I learned about paying cash for purchases, recycling and reusing just about everything and being generous to friends and those in need from my parents.

My faith instructs me all things are gifted by God and so I am compelled to be a good steward of my gifts. [The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to man. Psalm 115:16]


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Coupons and Bonus Savings like Free Money

I saved a ton from my trip to CVS. My husband had purchased something earlier in the week and received a "Save $5 on a $15 purchase" coupon at the bottom of his receipt.

I checked the CVS ad on line and found the Maybelline Mascara I use was on sale AND offered a $2 Extra Bucks coupon when you spend $7. I bought the mascara as a separate purchase and my total for the Mascara was $12. 16.

Then I scanned my CVS card and received 2 coupons for savings on Twizzlers and Milky Way bars. (I'm not a big fan of buying candy, but my husband and son get really a little panicky if I don't keep some in the house:-)

I bought
2 cans of Deluxe Mixed Nuts (saved $2.65 each),
2 bags of 75% off chocolate eggs
1 bag of Twizzlers and
Mother's day card for my mother-in-law.
At the check-out I used the $5 off coupon, the $2 EB coupon from the Mascara purchase, $.25 off two Milky Way Bars and $1.00 coupon off Twizzlers (also on sale).

Total paid: $12.42
Total savings: $17.75

I haven't been shopping too much at CVS, but I think I'm going to be more vigilant about potential saving opportunities again!

How have you saved money at CVS this week?

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