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Thursday, January 28, 2010

OnTel Product's Dryer Max Dryer Balls Product Review

I'm not generally one to purchase every new gadget or latest invention advertised on television but I did purchase OnTel Products' Dryer Max Dryer Balls over two years ago. My husband and kids have allergies to some laundry products, including ingredients in some laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets so I thought I'd give them a try.

I purchased the Dryer Max Dryer Balls for $9.99 at Walgreens. The Dryer balls come 2 per package and each rubber ball is a little smaller than a tennis ball. The balls have soft nodules - like soft rubber spikes - all over them and my set is light blue.

The Dryer Max Dryer Balls are much gentler on the fibers of clothes, towels and other laundry items than traditional fabric softener. I've noticed that since I've switched from fabric softeners to the Dryer Max Dryer Balls, I have less lint to clean out of my dryer's lint filter and off the door of the dryer. That's how I know the fibers in the fabrics of my clothes, towels, etc. are not being broken down so harshly - more lint = more fabric fibers.

Also, the fact that drying clothes using the Dryer Max Dryer Balls means that we're not adding chemical compounds to our clothes, and releasing them into the environment.

Some of the ads indicate you'll cut your drying time in half. I haven't found that to be the case all the time, especially when I'm drying a load of towels or jeans. But the time is reduced and for lighter weight loads, the drying time may very well be close to a 50% reduction. We also have very little static electricity when the clothes come out of the dryer.

I know we have saved money by not having to purchase liquid fabric softener or fabric softener dryer sheets. We also never need to worry about not having fabric softener when we're ready to dry a load of clothes.

The life expectancy of the Dryer Max Dryer Balls is about three years. (Ours are still going strong after 2 1/2.) That's a savings of a tremendous amount of chemical compounds from being released into the environment and into our clothes and a savings of at least a couple of hundred of dollars over the life of the Dryer Max Dryer Balls.

I give the Dryer Max Dryer Balls by OnTel Products a 5 out of 5 stars!


Andrea said...

Now Mary,
You are my friend outside the blog world..and you have kept this a secret all this time. SHAME..SHAME. Thank GOD for a new blog so I can learn all your secrets...hahahaha.

Love and hugs,

Kelly Combs said...

Mary I have these too, and love them! :-)

Mary Moss said...

Andrea, I can't believe I haven't shared this with you! Oh, my! I had better improve my 'friendship skills'! LOL!

Kelly, I'm glad you have discovered these. I'm glad to know you like them as much as we do at our house:-)