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I consider frugality an art form and a religious conviction. I learned about paying cash for purchases, recycling and reusing just about everything and being generous to friends and those in need from my parents.

My faith instructs me all things are gifted by God and so I am compelled to be a good steward of my gifts. [The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to man. Psalm 115:16]


Saturday, November 26, 2011

More non-traditional holiday savings

Unique ways I saved an extra $8 at Kroger: As a Kroger loyalty card holder, I receive great coupons in the mail periodically. One of the most recent ones that came in handy (and saved me money) was: spend $25 on Hallmark Expressions cards, save $5. I stocked up on greeting cards (and received fuel points).

I also saved $3 for buying 4 participating General Mills participating items - yesterday I stocked up on Pillsbury cookie dough plus used a coupon to save $1/3. I bought 3 rolls of cookie dough and 1 pack of Pillsbury Sweet Moments bit size cheesecake brownies.

I stocked up on other baking supplies (I make most of my holiday baked goods from scratch). Even purchasing expensive items like several varieties of baking chips, brown sugar and other supplies, I saved 22%!

If you know someone (including yourself!) who loves steaks and other great quality food, I just snagged a great deal from Plum District: It's only available for 5 days, so if you are interested, you need to act soon. $75 for The Holiday Festival Package from Omaha Steaks - a $132 Value. Today only, save $30 more by using this code: saturday40. That makes the final price just $45--a 65% savings!!

Did you have lots of Thanksgiving leftovers? I'd love to hear your ideas and recipes? I'll be posting some of mine later this weekend.

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